About the surgery

You may be aware of the current pressures that General Practice is under.

The Partners of Brockwood Medical Practice wish to share their concerns with you:

 Since 2015:

 💥Over 1300 practices gone

 💥Over 2000 fewer GPs but thousands more have been trained and lost in the meantime

 💥Over 6,000,000 more patients registered with practices in England

 💥 Equivalent of 50% of the ENTIRE population seen EACH and EVERY month.

 💥400 million consultations per annum

 💥6% of the slice of NHS pie

 💥Only 5% of all NHS doctors and nurses are in general practice. 95% are in Hospitals and specialist care.

 💥The GP practice contract is worth £620million less than it was five years ago.

 💥The £1.4bn which the Treasury has protected for staff funding in your local practice is NOT allowed to be spent on GPs and NOT allowed to be spent on Practice Nurses.

 💥The Government, DHSC & NHSE are removing and reducing GPs; closing old-fashioned family doctor practices; and pushing a model of primary care where you might be seen very quickly, but you might be unsure who or what role the clinician does, and it may take several contacts before you finally get to see a GP or receive a diagnosis.

 💥2024 is the time to be honest with our patients, Save Our Surgeries, and protect patients’ safe access to a family doctor - we need to bring back the kind of GP service which has been deliberately removed by this Government if we want any hope of getting our NHS back from the brink.




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